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IPS is based on the unique combination of light, sound, and games. Interactive play stations or IPS have spots that are wirelessly connected to the scoreboard to enable challenging games between players. HRM MASCOTS & iNFLATABLES offers a variety of different inflatables where two opponents race against the clock and each other to see who can follow their own light pattern best.  Do you remember playing the Simon light electronic game?  This is basically the live and giant version.  

You have to be fast and pay attention to beat your opponent.  You can play 2 players or in teams. Each player or team will have a light color and that color will go off in a sequence.  You try to hit all of the lights in the sequence that they go off as fast as you can to make a score.  The person or team to get the most right before the time is up is the winner.   The scoreboard doesn't lie so it will be obvious who is the best when time is up and the final score is posted.  Several different game options are available.  This is a game of skill, speed, agility, and memory.  It is great for all ages and can be played indoors or outdoor.  

Inflatable Rival Arena
+ Nerf Guns

18ft L x 15ft W x 10.5ft H
Starting rate: $449/3hrs

Combi Sports Arena

13ft L x 13ft W x 13ft H
Starting rate: $399/3hrs

The Bank Vault

12ft L x 16ft W x 9ft

 Starting rate: $399/3hrs

IPS Basket Ball

20ft L x 18ft W x 12ft H
Starting rate: $399/3hrs

IPS Zap-A-Mol