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Presenting Toxic Meltdown...


An exhilarating 8-player action game that puts your stamina, agility, and reflexes to the test.

Featuring not one but two spinning boom arms, this game demands that you remain alert and agile to avoid being knocked off your podium. 


Meltdown is guaranteed to be one of the most popular interactive inflatables at your next event. As an interactive inflatable, this ride engages participants and spectators so even spectators will get the enjoyment of watching spills and skills. Participants get the satisfaction of defeating one of the best interactive inflatable activities if they can stay on the pedestal. Don’t get left out of the fun that Meltdown has to offer.


With quick ducking and jumping moves, you must outsmart the foam boom to become the last one standing.

Size: 30' x 30' x 10'

Power: 2 x 15 amp circuits

# of players: 8 player

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