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Human Hamster Ball Racing

Our human hamster balls, also known as zorb balls, are a fun addition to any event. These giant inflatable balls fit a person inside, allowing them to roll and bounce while being protected by the durable plastic shell. Perfect for outdoor events, festivals, and corporate parties, they provide a thrilling and unforgettable experience for guests. Our team sets up and supervises the activity for maximum fun and safety.


9 ft

9 ft

Included in rental

  • 2 Inflatable 9' balls (4 available)

  • Inflatable 60' x 25' Long Track

  • Helmets

This 60' long track will sure make a statement at your next event. Indoor or outdoor, this Great inflatable game is an excellent addition to your next fundraiser, Corporate function or Event.
This for sure will be a highlight of any event you are planning for but hurry, dates get booked very quick!

60' Racing Track


Water Balls



Add these 6 foot high inflatable water-balls to your next event. Ask us about our different entertainment options. kids love to simply walk inside these inflatable balls, especially if their friends are watching. Add some Confetti on the inside, and let the party begins.

Available For Rental

1 Water Ball

(3 available)

Roller Balls

These 6' tall roller balls will add alot of spinning fun for the younger ones at your next event. Make it a race, let them take turns inside the ball or to add some extra fun to your next event!



  • 1 roller ball (2 available)

HRM Mascots Entertainment is fully insured, licensed and inspected.


If you require a certificate for your event, please let us know!

Add some other rentals or entertainment that will bring your event to a new level!

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